From the Gridiron to the boardroom, Thurman didn’t stop competing after his retirement from Professional Football. Following his impressive professional football career, his focus and determination has been turned toward the business world, holding leadership roles in agencies with Fortune 500 clients and a Fortune 200 company. Read more about the companies Thurman is involved with below:

3480 Group was founded in 2014 by Thomas, along with Fulton Johnson and Cheryl Green. The principals and board members bring 60-plus years of combined experience and have a wide breadth of knowledge in various industries including construction, real estate development, financial services, and wireless communication. They are entrepreneurs and team players that are committed to building an environment of success. 3480 Group has made a significant impact on many of today’s Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about 3480 Group by visiting their site.

Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS) is the largest private demand response provider in North America, offering turnkey, administrative and a la carte demand response services. Winner of the Peak Load Management Alliance's "Outstanding Program Achievement Award" in demand response, a large part of ECS' success stems from having customer-friendly programs. ECS understands what it takes for a business to become involved and the preparation necessary to make energy reductions, and as a company representative Thurman spreads the ECS mission with pride.

Thurman Thomas. A leader in the huddle and a leader in the boardroom.

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